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Company news

How to shorten the gap between domestic instrument and instrument industry and a...

The instrument and instrument products have a wide range of variety and wide coverage. With the development of our country more and more demand for instrument a...

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Manufacturing: the strongest focus of competition between China and the us

The competitive dynamics between China and the us will change dramatically, even fundamentally, after Mr Trump is elected President. Most people think that the ...

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A comprehensive analysis of major factors and changes in the post-automobile mar...

According to data released by the ministry of public security, the number of vehicles in the country reached 270 million by the end of June 2014, of which 154 m...

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After the car, market innovation: efficiency is the absolute principle

In 2015, after a round of Internet start-ups, many companies were like paper tigers, and the wind was blowing hard. Until now, no one has really been able to le...

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